About us

Natatul was born with the mission to deliver children and their families with quality natural cosmetics to inspire creation of a healthy environment using the power of nature. We created Natatul with all the love for our children.

We inspire creation of a healthy environment for each in everyone using the power of nature.

A unique combination of the strength and energy of nature and the effectiveness of the latest modern technologies in the development of cosmetic products.


Our story is about creating cosmetics to cherish and delight the body through the skin, harnessing the transformative power of pure botanical ingredients to develop products that are easy to take in, reconstruct and make skin cells work. Our ingredients are as effective as they are safe.


100% natatul is: natural . organic . vegan . cruelty free . eco . top quality.


Our aim is to provide clients with the top quality chemical-free cosmetics to eliminate allergic reactions and irritation on each family member's sensitive skin. Touch it!

To provide the best effectiveness of natural ingredients, the laboratory delicately picked organic origin ingredients after a thorough research on their benefits. Feel it!

These ingredients have been further purified prior to the formulation of our aromatic skincare routine products that guarantee noticeable results within a couple of uses. Sense it!


All-Natural Ingredients with Organic origin

At Natatul, you can find a full range of skincare products that are essential for you and your baby’s delicate skin. Decreasing chemical-based skincare on our shelves and replacing the area with Natatul’s organic skincare products. 

Product we offer is always cruelty-free and contains all the goodness needed for an infant’s skin. All our skincare products are plant-based and carefully formulated to not only cleanse but also detoxify the skin from impurities.

Reduce of chemical-based skincare on our shelves and replace the area with Natatul’s organic skincare products. Natatul believes in the power of nature and brings you a skincare range that nourishes your baby’s skin from within. 

We offer this, all with high levels of support, provided by a team of experts. We’re
constantly working behind the scenes to build new, exciting cosmetic solutions designed with most care and love.